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Apptricity Corporation is a global enterprise software provider for Supply Chain and Spend Management. We offer our customers platform agnostic and incredibly secure solutions that are optimized for performance and easy to integrate with their existing systems and processes. Through IoT and M2M solutions, Apptricity simplifies Supply Chain execution. For information, visit


  • Apptricity Asset
    Apptricity Asset automates and simplifies asset tracking, sweeping away inefficient, labor-intensive, error-prone manual processes....

  • Apptricity Asset provides the 360-degree visibility and control across the life cycle of every asset. It’s a unified suite of modules that integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP systems to enable granular detail specific to: maintenance repair, product warranties, lifecycle management, incident reporting (with the ability to track cost), department allocations, and depreciation. Now you can manage assets across your organization by employee, location and other variables, with online incident reporting that documents problems, tracks defects and provides valuable information to determine asset life.

    Get Minute-by-Minute Visibility

    When your organization can see asset status and location, it’s amazing how things change. Stockpiling and shortages decrease, warranties are invoked, maintenance gets done on schedule. Accountability and efficiency improve – dramatically.

    Unrestricted Configuration

    Apptricity applications are designed to adapt to your environment, so you don’t have to adapt to ours, thanks in part to our business rules engine, workflow and integrated administrative tools.

    Asset Tracking With 360° Visibility

    Put simply, Apptricity Asset allows you to track assets across the enterprise, in the field or across the world, with precision. We help organizations such as the U.S. Army and Nestlé track assets around the globe— imagine what we can do for you.

    Asset Life Cycle Management

    Track assets when received, assigned, maintained or retired, including status by location and assignment to employees. You can even add, transfer and assign assets in a batch, rather than individually, for faster asset management.

    Mobile Asset Tracking

    Apptricity Asset communicates with barcode scanners and tracks assets and inventory with precision with RFID, LTE and Satellite tags. With real-time location services (RTLS), we help deliver unprecedented 360-degree visibility.

    Intelligent Analytics & Reporting

    Now you can track the value and useful life of your assets with real data. With graphical lifecycle and depreciation information, you’ll get real-time visibility into asset valuation and remaining service.

    Integrated Inventory Control

    Mobile inventory management and web-based asset tracking combine to create a single view of company owned goods. Receive and move inventory in real-time.

    End-to-End Field Service Management

    Apptricity Asset and Inventory integrates with Apptricity Work Order to manage assets in the field and support MR&O processes. Collectively they manage receiving, movement and adjustments, and tie inventory to assets to work orders.

    Top Rated Support Team

    Our customers consistently rate Apptricity as “Superior for Technical Support” in independent studies by Dun & Bradstreet. We stand apart with dedicated personal support and frontline expertise, 100% based in the United States.

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