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Confidex designs and manufactures high-performing wireless identification Tags, Labels and Beacons for linking assets in business-critical processes. We serve a wide variety of Smart Industries globally.

We make supply chains, transactions and authentication of goods and people more efficient and secure and are dedicated to gaining a total understanding of customer’s requirements, no matter how complex.

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    Car buyers today typically order a number of custom options when they make their purchase. For car manufacturers this means that many of the vehicles they produce are effectively unique. Production is further complicated since several different models are typically assembled in the same production line. To manage such a variety during production, each vehicle needs to be uniquely identified and reliably tracked throughout the process.

    In response to these challenges, Volvo Car Corporation – a premium brand car manufacturer and one of the pioneers in modern automotive manufacturing – uses RFID technology to boost their automotive production. With the help of Confidex RFID tags Volvo Cars is able to track their production assets all the way from the welding and paint shop to the point of final assembly.


    Previously, Volvo Cars was using three different methods for identifying and tracking each car during the production: barcode technology in the manufacturing, active RFID in the paint shop and large barcodes in the final assembly. Not only was this approach costly to maintain, but it was not sufficiently reliable for a well-balanced manufacturing process where the slightest disturbance can affect the entire throughput of the factory.

    Based on Volvo Cars’ high quality and performance requirements, Confidex developed a robust passive UHF RFID tag solution capable of withstanding harsh conditions throughout the production process. After leaving the welding shop, car bodies proceed to the paint line – the most demanding environment for the tags used. On the paint line the car is put through an electrolyte bath for corrosion prevention, followed by several layers of paint and a series of high temperature drying ovens. Under these conditions, it is critical that the RFID tag’s performance does not degrade and that it retains its readability and reliability.


    The Confidex Corona™ RFID tag is permanently mounted on the chassis of the car being manufactured at the beginning of the process, and reliably identified at various points in the manufacturing process. The tag is left on the vehicle, eliminating the need for collecting, cleaning and testing the used tags. The Confidex Corona™ has been in use at Volvo since 2008 and over the period has demonstrated outstanding reliability over the complete car manufacturing process, despite the complex and harsh conditions.

    Confidex offers a complete portfolio of high-quality RFID tags and specialty labels designed for the automotive industry. By encoding the vehicle ID number on the tag, the solution can also be used in outbound logistics to simplify distribution of the finished cars.


  • Confidex BLE Viking
    Confidex Viking BLE beacon is the most durable BLE product on the market. It's modular set features are packaged into a durable encasing designed for extreme industrial environments. The beacons have a read range up to 200m with a battery life of 5 years....

  • Confidex Viking™ Bluetooth beacons track the location of assets and people, and sense the surrounding environment. Based on over decade long experience in industrial wireless identification, Confidex, together with its customers designed a modular beacon family that is setting the standard for industrial asset tracking, indoor, outdoor locating and sensor telemetry applications.

    Viking comes in two forms - industrial-grade IP68 protected Confidex Viking™ and extra durable Confidex Viking Tough™ designed for applications where extended vibration is present. 

    Confidex Viking™ beacons come with support for Eddystone™, an open beacon format from Google. Beacons can be wirelessly configured to transmit one or multiple Eddystone™ frame formats Eddystone-UID™, Eddystone-URL™, Eddystone-TLM™ and Eddystone-EID™.

    No buttons, no opening parts, no chance for water or dust going in. Confidex Viking™ beacons’ sealed mechanical structure is not compromised at any point during use.

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