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EM Microelectronic is a semiconductor manufacturer specialized in the design and production of ultra low power, low voltage integrated circuits for battery-operated and field-powered applications in consumer, automotive and industrial areas. We have 40 years experience in the design of IC processing analog and digital signals simultaneously.

Pioneering the RFID industry since 1989.
Now we are innovating with the world's first Dual-Frequency RAINFC RFID IC.


  • em|echo
    em|echo is the world's first Dual-Frequency RAINFC RFID IC.
    It combines the benefits of RAIN’s capturing capabilities with NFC’s customer engagement efficiency.

  • EM4423 corresponds to the latest generation of EM Microelectronic contactless devices, bringing innovative features to the NFC and EPC™ worlds. The chip combines two functionalities on one single die, the EPC technology used for long range application purposes and the NFC used to exchange data in a proximity range. Both protocols may share a common unique ID.

    Targeted applications and market segments include retail, product authentication or smart NFC posters.

    A tag or label based on the EM4423 provides multiple benefits and usages via the EPC communication interface like stock inventory, product returns, and data privacy. The same tag or label also enables new marketing services like product information or loyalty programs using an NFC enabled smartphone.

    The chip is a dual frequency device supporting ISO/IEC14443 Type A, NFC Forum™ Type 2 specifications, ISO/IEC18000-63 and EPC Gen2 V2. Additional features have been added to provide chip privacy. For the NFC interface, the smart counter increments its value each time the NFC message has been read by the end-user.

    Each chip is manufactured with a 96-bit unalterable unique identifier (UID) to ensure full traceability. The same UID number is used by both RF protocols. During an ISO/IEC14443 anti-collision procedure, the 7 bytes which are part of the 96-bit are sent back by the transponder IC.

    The EM4423 offers two non-volatile memories which are accessible by both RF air interfaces. The two memories are segmented to implement multiple applications.

    EM4423 supports the optional BlockWrite command, enabling the fast encoding of a 96-bit EPC. EM4423 also supports the optional Untraceable command to hide portions of memory of the tag or label.

    Visit http://echo.emmicroelectronic.com/ for additionnal information and check our product video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCaxf9BBRjg


    I Dual-frequency 1-step inlay manufacturing
    I Shared memory and a common unique ID
    I Extended temperature range (-40°C to +85°C)
    I Sawn wafers, 6-mils thickness, gold bumps

    I NFC Interface
        · ISO/IEC 14443A-3 compliant tag
        · NFC ForumTM Type 2 compatible
        · Enables NDEF data structure configurations
        · Communication baud rates at 106kbps
        · Anti-tearing support for NFC capability container (CC) and Static/Dynamic lock bytes
        · ACCESS counter increased at first reading
        · Optional limit of unsuccessful LOGINs
        · Optional security timeout for unsuccessful LOGINs
        · Optional control of EPC privacy features
        · UHF power detection
        · 50pF NFC on-chip resonant capacitor

    I EPC Interface
        · ISO/IEC 18000-63 compliant
        · EPCTM Gen2 V2 certified
        · Alteration EAS certified
        · TAG alteration (Core) certified
        · 32-bit Access and Kill passwords
        · Read sensitivity up to -18dBm with a dipole antenna
        · Write sensitivity up to -13dBm with a dipole antenna
        · Fast writing using the BlockWrite command
        · BlockPermalock of USER memory
        · NFC field detection
        · NFC ACCESS counter

    · 32-bit Shared unique ID included in:
    · 7 bytes UID (NFC)
            · 96-bit TID (EPC)
        · 2080-bit or 1984-bit shared User memory
            · 1920 bit contiguous user data from NFC
            · 160 or 64 bit USER contiguoug data from EPC
        · 128-bit or 224-bit UII/EPC encodings
        · 1 step encoding possible from NFC or EPC interface
        · Minimum 100k write cycles endurence
        · Minimum 10 years data retention @ 55°C


    I Product Identification
    I Customer engagement, coupons, and loyalty programs
    I Inventory and supply chain management
    I Asset control
    I Single tap quick re-ordering

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