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Videx, Inc. is an electrical engineering firm manufacturing products since 1979. Videx introduced three major product lines including video boards for Apple II computers, portable barcode, iButton, RFID readers, and access control products using a variety of technologies to bring full access control to anyone, anywhere. Videx designs, manufactures, and distributes products directly from its headquarters located in Corvallis, Oregon. 

 Press Releases

  • Corvallis, Oregon – 4/1/2018

    Clackamas County Jail faced difficulty in terms of tracking the whereabouts of inmates throughout the day. All data collection was done through pen and paper, causing lapses in time, forgotten information and piles of paperwork. Deputies were tasked in cataloging the inmate whereabouts, such as check-in, check-out, headcount, and which facilities they accessed throughout the day. They faced a legal challenge when inmates claimed they were not granted access to particular activities or accommodations. The lapses in time and incomplete information caused Clackamas County Jail to be liable for claims, as they could not provide sufficient evidence to the contrary.

    In order to reduce litigation concerns, Clackamas County Jail implemented CyberBadge into their daily operations. Deputies carry a CyberBadge, which allows them to scan barcodes assigned to each inmate, as well as barcodes associated with a specific location or activity within the jail. Deputies scan their own barcode, then scan the inmate barcode, and then scan the barcode associated with their current location in the jail. When captured in the CyberBadge, the log will show that Inmate X was at Location Y, according to the scan made by Deputy Z. This data is collected and synced to the CyberBadge Web Server. Videx will be attending the AIM conference in April to showcase the CyberBadge. Visit booth #1327 for more information. 


  • CyberBadge
    Videx CyberBadge is a fully programmable RFID/barcode scanning device that acts as an endpoint communicating through a gateway to anywhere and anything. Completely customizable for any data collecting application....

  • Videx CyberBadge is a fully programmable, fast RFID/barcode scanning device that acts as an endpoint communicating through a gateway to provide data over the internet to virtually any location. Completely customizable for any data collecting application. The CyberBadge communication software can be installed on a stand-alone computer or a web server operating as a hosted solution, an AWS instance, or a virtual server installation or container. Software can be customized for each individual application. There are tiered SDK versions available, from simple to developer level. Or use the web application builder, providing pre-coded templates to enable programming without code. CyberBadge is a simple, application specific device with no menus to scroll or apps to find.  Just grab it and go!

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