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NeWave Sensor Solutions is a leading provider of optimized solutions for today's most challenging item level RFID problems. The company has developed the patented Wave Antenna that sets a new standard for accuracy, versatility, and efficiency.  The Wave is the first and only antenna specifically designed to be used only for item-level RFID solutions.For more information please visit us at and at booth 1521.

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    Smart Label Solutions and NeWave Sensor Solutions to Introduce New Direction of Motion Portal Capability at RFID Journal Live 

    Plain City (Columbus), Ohio-April 9,2018.  Smart Label Solutions (SLS) and NeWave Sensor Solutions, LLC announced the introduction of a unique Direction of Motion capability for the market leading SLS portals. This new capability takes advantage of an ultra slim portal design by SLS and the unique Wave® antenna from NeWave Sensor Solutions. This combination provides a superior level of RFID read accuracy and the ability to know the direction of assets moving through a dock door or hall way. This new joint development will be demonstrated at RFID Journal Live in Orlando, April 10-12, at Booth 1521.

    Jeff Hudson, CEO of SLS, stated: " We have been a believer in the superiority of the NeWave antenna performance for over 7 years and specifically designed our portals to take advantage of the Wave® antenna. This new Direction of Motion enhancement will address many of our customers' requests. SLS has installed over 4,000 of these portals and we continue to expand. We are excited to work with NeWave on this new development."   

    Dr.Den Burnside, CTO of Newave acknowledged: "The SLS portals have shown to be extremely accurate and effective in the marketplace. Thus, we developed our Direction of Motion portal to take advantage of this unique capability as well as being able to accurately determine what items actually move through the portal and in what direction without including stray tagged items. We have had a real success story with our SLS partnership and we are excited to continue to bring out new improvements and this will definitely not be the last." 

    About Smart Label Solutions, LLC

    Smart Label Solutions (SLS) combines hardware products from leading manufactures with their suite of RFID hardware and software products. SLS delivers customer focused solutions that provide improved accuracy and efficiency to existing business processes. For more information visit

    About NeWave® Sensor Solutions:

    NeWave Sensor Solutions is a leading provider of optimized solutions for today’s most challenging item-level Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) problems. The company develops industry-standard RFID technology based on the patented Wave Antenna that sets a new standard for accuracy, versatility and efficiency. The Wave is the first and only antenna specifically designed to be used only for item-level RFID solutions. NeWave’s core technology was developed by the world-class ElectroScience Laboratory (ESL) of The Ohio State University, a pioneer in RF research and development under the direction of NeWave’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO), and is produced in partnership with Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC), the Taiwan-based global leader in antenna manufacturing. NeWave’s management team leverages a strong technical and international business heritage in a variety of industries for accomplishing its mission of providing optimized solutions to today’s greatest RFID challenges. For more information, please visit us at *NeWave®, Wave® and Smart Shelf™ are trademarks of NeWave Sensor Solutions, LLC Plain City (Columbus), Ohio USA


  • NeWave® Multi-Use Portal
    Now there is one portal rugged enough for distribution centers but sleek and attractive enough for any business interior. The best of both worlds and yet very economical!...

  • NeWave is pleased to introduce a new portal that utilizes its patented and unique Wave® antenna built into a portal frame designed by Smart Label Solutions. This combination provides a superior level of performance, ease of install, and aesthetics to RFID users. The NeWave Multi-Use Portal is constructed with extruded aluminum and sturdy coroplast covers and has two Wave antenna elements embedded in  a composite structure into each Multi-Use portal.

    • These portals aren’t prototypes. There are nearly 4,000 multi-use portals already installed.
    • Installation is simple. Corner brackets are de- signed to fit in frame grooves and then anchored to the floor.
    • Options to fit your individual requirements: Bollards, Door closed sensors, reader included, and Install are available.
    • No need to order antennas for each portal, hoping you remembered the specific antenna part number. Two NeWave antennas are built into each portal. No installation adjustments to antennas (like patch antennas) or follow on maintenance .

    The NeWave Multi Use portal utilizes the patented Wave® Antenna , the first and only antenna specifically designed to be used for item-level RFID. This unique design was developed by the World-Class Ohio State University Electro Science Laboratory under the direction of NeWave’s Chief Technology Officer. This one-of-a-kind design reads all RFID tags in the targeted zone while not reading extraneous tags outside the zone.  

    The Wave Antenna embodies a radically new concept in RFID antenna design. Unlike a patch antenna that radiates a single beam in a given direction, the NeWave antenna is designed to uniformly illuminate a volume of space. When installed in pairs the antennas complement each other and provide spatial, direction-of-arrival, and polarization diversities throughout the volume. Our Wave Antennas are unique in covering all three tag orientations within a user defined zone size from 3 to 10 cubic feet.

    ​The Wave Antenna offers these benefits:

    Superior Accuracy:

    • RFID implementations can achieve 99%+ read rates for stationary tags, e.g., shelf inventory or RTLS applications.
    • Polarization diversity. Our antennas are designed to cover all polarizations in the covered zone. We cover all three polarizations at once.

    Highly Versatile:

    • Low profile-easy to integrate and install, e.g., walls, portals, ceilings, etc.
    • NeWave antennas can be used on retail and warehouse shelves, open areas and/or warehouse doorways (portals), and integrated into lift trucks and transporting vehicles.

    Optimal Efficiency:

    • As many as sixteen antennas can run off a single reader for cost optimization.
    • The Wave Antenna works well with all Gen 2 UHF readers in an open architecture design. Users are free to choose any Gen2 reader.
    • Specifically designed to work in high fading and multipath environments to provide superior UHF zone coverage.

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