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Are you looking for ways to increase real-time visibility to inventory, track and automate finished goods, improve safety & maintenance, or keep track of equipment? Radley provides a complete RFID solution including solution analysis, software and hardware. Radley has the expertise to evaluate, install and support your RFID needs regardless of industry or environmental challenges. Visit www.radley.com/RFID.htm or email us at contactus@radley.com.

 Press Releases

    October 1, 2017
    Website: www.radley.com

    Radley Provides End-to-End RFID Solution
    RFID Comes of Age To Improve Manufacturing Operations

    Grand Rapids, Michigan — October 1, 2017 —Radley Corporation, a global developer of MES and WMS software
    provides companies in the manufacturing industry with a comprehensive platform of RFID services, software solutions,
    hardware and supplies.

    “Radley is excited to offer a complete RFID solution for our customers,” said Kevin Cammet, Vice President of Radley
    Corporation. “Our partnerships with industry-leading hardware and equipment providers allow manufacturing customers
    to realize the maximum ROI on their RFID investment when combined with Radley’s data collection solutions.”

    Radley’s end-to-end solution provides hardware, middleware and services for a one-stop source for RFID implementation.
    Hardware offerings include fixed and handheld readers, portals, printers, tags, inserts and labels specifically selected for
    the customer’s environment and process specifications.

    Radley’s software captures data throughout an organization’s processes, whether utilizing traditional bar codes, machine
    integration or the use of RFID. Their customers have access to real-time data across the supply chain that can be
    integrated into an ERP or business system(s). Radley’s configurable and scalable solutions are designed to work with
    each customer’s unique processes.

    With the latest enhancements to tag, antennae and reader hardware, RFID has emerged as a realistic investment to
    improve operations and reduce costs. In recent years RFID has been used more and more to improve manufacturing and
    logistics processes. And when integrated to a company’s ERP or Business System, has proven to enhance data accuracy
    and overall productivity.

    About Radley Corporation
    Radley provides EDI, manufacturing and warehouse solutions to organizations around the world looking to improve the
    efficiency and productivity of their business logistics processes. To learn more, talk to a Product Specialist at 616-541-
    6010 or visit www.radley.com today.



  • Radley RFID Solutions
    Radley’s complete RFID solution features best-in-class hardware & middleware along with consulting, implementation, training & support to make your RFID project a success. Our flexible solution integrates to almost any business system....

  • Radley provides a complete end-to-end RFID solution, not just one piece of the puzzle. Our knowledgeable team of partners and consultants work with you to engineer a system specific to your business processes. Based on requirements, industry and environment, we help you select the right hardware and equipment. And we also provide the software solutions that bring it all together, allowing you to achieve the greatest return on your RFID investment. With over 40 years of experience implementing technology around the globe, Radley has the experience to guide you through a pilot program, testing, training and finally your own successful implementation.

    Radley’s technology platform for EDI, MES and WMS offers multiple RFID enabled solutions. Without software residing between your RFID interrogators and your ERP or business system, you’re simply reading tags. Middleware is the software used to process tag data, filter duplicate reads, aggregate and validate the data to update back-end applications. Another crucial role software plays is to aid in the analysis of the massive amount of data RFID collects. Through reports, dashboards, queries, notifications and alerts you can optimize the data to make faster and more informed decisions.

    RFID Enabled Software:

    • Integrated Data Collection
    • Product Traceability
    • Shop Floor Control
    • Asset & Container Tracking
    • Labor Tracking
    • Inventory Control
    • Containerization & Kitting

    Whether you’re looking to install fixed readers within multiple facilities or utilize portable devices at one facility, Radley can help you make the right hardware selection. Our team of industry experts can maneuver challenging environments and materials, such as liquid and metals, to ensure your project is successful. Utilizing the latest in RFID advancements and tag/inlay technology, we can help you optimize antennae RF fields, minimize errant reads and meet material specific requirements. By partnering with industry leading suppliers, we have access to high quality tags, portals, antennaes and readers.

    Hoping to improve production and WIP, error-proof shipping or track inventory and assets through your supply chain? Radley doesn’t require you to change your processes to change your business. Our solutions can be shaped to your unique workflow while streamlining and automating manual tasks. Maintain compliance with integrated labeling functionality that is built into Radley software allowing you to meet standards such as GS1, AIAG, SSCC, FPLA, CPSC, GTIN, FDA and more.


    • Reduced Errors & Long Term Costs
    • Significantly Decrease Scan Error
    • Boost Accuracy & Efficiency
    •  Labor Efficiencies
    • Meet Compliance Requirements
    • Real-time Visibility & Communication
    • Decreases User Decision Making
    • Streamlined Workflows


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